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Welcome to Contra Pants.

kennethI am Kenneth Metzger, a school teacher by profession. I formed this blog in 2002 as part of my initiative in making people aware of the importance of technology in our lives. As I’ve been in the education sector, I know how gravely it has created impact on the education system. Technology has provided distance learning opportunities to many students around the world. Now, with technology you can easily get enrolled in a college program in USA from your home in India. You don’t even need to be present there physically and take the classes. Distance learning saves time and money. There are lots of e-learning platforms and online courses available so that you can take the courses sitting at home.

Technology has not only changed the view of education, but it has affected the other industries as well. People can now do office works from home or when on the go. Doctors can consult patients at distance through telemedicine. Technology has basically transformed our lives. In this blog, you will learn about some important changes that technology has brought to various industries. You can write to us expressing your views. You can participate in our forum discussions as well.