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Myopia is a common error with the eyes.  It is also called nearsightedness which means that a person can see things close to the eye; however they find it tough to focus on objects that are at a distance. The number of reported cases of myopia has increased in recent years. With EverYoung Medical Aesthetics Centre you can now correct this condition with laser and other modern methods of treatment.

The cause of myopia is not known, however doctors believe that strain on the eyes, excessive use of the computer and extended tasks that involve near vision use result in myopia. Some patients could also get this condition from their parents.

Myopia symptoms are easy to identify. A patient suffering from myopia will find it difficult to read road signs, boards and hoardings. Tasks such as using the computer and mobile phone however are not a problem since their near vision is perfect at most times. A patient suffering from myopia also tends to squint while trying to focus on something that is at a distance. Eye strain and headaches are also other common symptoms that one could suffer from. A patient suffering from myopia needs to wear glasses while driving or travelling for their safety.

Myopia can be corrected with the use of the right pair of glasses or lenses. Refractive surgery however is one of the best and most effective ways to get this condition rectified. Myopia occurs at different degrees and a patient might require to wear glasses or lenses at all times or only whenever needed based on how bad their eyesight is.

Myopia is caused when the retina of the eyeball is longer than usual. This results in the light rays pointing straight rather than at the object focused on. Myopia can also be caused when the cornea of the eye is curved too much. Some patients might have a combination of the above mentioned two factors which also results in myopia.