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Special Care And Attention For Pugs

Not all dog owners are the same. The fact that there are specific groups of breed lovers means that they have their own preferences of which breeds they consider the best one.

Some like their dogs aggressive, some want them to be literally useful. Others simply want to have dogs that can reciprocate their emotional investment. Pugs, for example, is a breed that is amazing in this regard. It isn’t unusual to find groups of people wearing pug t shirt or any pug merchandise. This particular group of dog lovers simply want to tell the world how they and their pugs share a mutually rewarding coexistence.

Pugs aren’t that popular because of their looks. But one would be surprised that some people get pugs for that very reason. And then they find out later that pugs have so much better to offer than just their looks. They are extremely sweet and docile, making them great companion dogs but bad guard dogs.

However, aspiring pug owners have to consider that there are specific care and attention for their dog. The special shape of their neck and skull is delicate and may cause breathing problems. Putting them on a leash, for example, may strangle them if they, or the owner, tug too hard.

Comical as it may seem, their eyes are also at risk of popping off from their sockets. It may be funny to think about, but putting them back in should be done as soon as possible. Small quirks like these aren’t enough to deter some owners in giving their pugs away. In fact, taking extra care of their sweet pug pups makes their relationship all the more worthwhile.

It’s important to read up on some pug care guides to know even more specific details about it. Some require more sense of urgency, like cooling them off during hot weather.