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Some Of The Best Runescape Private Servers

If browser-based, online games is your thing, and if you are fond of MMORPG games, then one of the familiar games you might have encountered is Runescape. This browser-based game which works in a manner similar to other MMORPG games, and one of the aspects there are to these games which are common is the presence of private servers, which allow you to expand your gaming horizons by allowing you to play modified and updated versions of the game without having to spend much. Runescape Private Servers are pretty much abundant, with top100arena.com listing as many as 100 of these servers that players could choose to play in. Below are just some of these servers, as well as the features which would make you want to join in.


This is a private browser which claims to be the number 1 in the world of ECO/Spawn PK servers, with as many as 7 brand new graphic toggles, as well as content which is unique to this particular server.


Another equally popular server for you to play in, if you’re a fan or Runescape is Dawntained, which is equipped with instant PK, as well as Old School Runescape, which is something that a lot of players sure love. It has an active wilderness mode, PVP tournaments, OSRS bosses, skilling, as well as a graphics toggle for 2007, 2009, and 2010, as well as highscore displays, which all help to better expand your gaming horizons.


If you long for fresh content everytime you play, then you would most definitely want to join this game. Having said that, this game has more than 40 bosses, as well as a lot of daily events and customs items and bosses apart from the normal ones, with a prestige game being one of them.