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Debt Relief Schemes

There are certain decisions that go wrong in our life and taking enormous debt is one of those decisions. At one point in time, we get tired of furnishing our obligations which we incur because of the debt that we have taken and at times we want to have a debt-free life. In some extreme cases, people end up declaring bankruptcy to get rid of the debt they can’t pay. There are many Debt Relief schemes available in the market today who provides services to people who are willing to get rid of the debt. Freedom Debt Relief in one of them. They are one of the largest debt solution provider in the United States of America.

As per the records, the company was started in 2002 and the company was incepted by two graduates from Stanford Business School. The name of its founder is Andrew Houser and Brad Stroh. At present, the company has over 1600 employees and the company has resolved the cases which have a worth of over 6 Billion American Dollars. Until now, the company deal with 350 thousand customers and most of them are the happy customers who are living a debt free life.

The basic work that company does is that it negotiates with creditors for the settlement of the debt that you owe to them. All this is done without credit counseling or without declaring bankruptcy. The company markets about reducing the debt by up to 50% which in turn reduces the tenure of the repayment schedule and it also reduces the monthly payments. The company offers a money back guarantee to its customer and if the customers are not satisfied that they can get the full reimbursement of the money that they have paid to the Freedom Debt Relief.