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Five Reasons For Choosing Lol Academy For Elo Boosting

Duo Boosting

As far the League of Legends is concerned LoL Academy stands out as the most trusted and secure elo boosting service provider. The academy has a skilled roster of boosters who include retired professional players. The roster is also made up of professional players who are ranked in their respective Top 50 Challenger Ladders. This dynamic roster allows a League of Legends player to hire a preferred professional for an elo boost. This phenomenon is referred to as duo boosting.

Room to monitor and manager an order placed

The business of elo boosting requires constant monitoring and management. At LoL Academy customers are allowed to select the preferred professional booster. LoL Academy takes it a notch higher by allowing the customer to make direct communication with the booster of choice. The company endeavors to let the player (customer) full control of the elo boosting procedure.


With over 4 years’ experience in elo boosting, LoL Academy takes extra measures to ensure security for their players and customers. As a result, customer account security is of great importance to the academy. The same explains why boosters from the LoL Academy make use of VPNs in the course of a game. The VPNs help to protect such boosters and our customers at large.Boosters at LoL Academy conduct themselves with civility and professional etiquette while dealing with clients.

A portfolio of coaches

Most of the coaches at the Lol Academy are Master Players. The roster of coaches at this Academy includes a World Champion from the first season. The diversity of the individual prowess of the coaches at LoL Academy allows a customer to make an informed decision when hiring a booster. The instant chatting capability allows customers to make enquiries and changes regarding their preferred elo boosting associate.