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Animated Movies That Make A Difference

Sometimes ‘grown up’ movies can’t portray what animated movies do in those 2 or 3 hours. There are so many animated movies being made all over the globe that are making a difference in the world of cinema and blowing away the audiences’ brain. Through the movies, we learn so much that we have decided to make a list of some of the best animated movies in the world so that you can visit 123movies and watch all the movies that you want for free online.123movies


Hayao Miyazaki produces a great movie in the form of Spirited Away. It enjoyed great success at most award functions and we can see why it did. Based on the imaginations of the director this movie starts off with the line which says that we should be careful what we wish for. The movie is about a young kid who ventures into a magical world after her parents are turned into pigs and the movie becomes more magical and thrilling and scary with every scene.


It’s Such a Beautiful Day has put director Don Herdzfelt on the map for animation fans and his praises are being sung since this movie. This move shows the haunting side of life through stick figure drawings and shows the life affirming trilogy with his typical side. This movie takes in satire and ultra violence and then in the end mental illness and self identity.123movies


The Triplets of Bellevile is another joy to watch and this 78 minute of French Beauty made about 15 years ago dwells on a mother whose cyclist son is kidnapped by the media and is used in gambling schemes. She then joins in the titular singing triplets and they help her to get back her kid and the movie without any audible diet turns into a musical delight.

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