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Top Options For A PS4 External Hard Drive

Have you been wondering how you can get more space for your PS4 to enjoy more games and be able to enjoy using your device more? Well, you don’t have to worry any further as you can always take advantage of using an extra PS4 External hard drive. Yup, just like its predecessor, the memory capacity of PS4 is upgradable and this will allow you to get more space used for storing your downloaded games. However, in upgrading, you just have to pick the right hard drive option for your needs and also for your budget.PS4 PRO hard driveThe type of PS4 External hard drive that you are going to use depends on your budget and your needs as well. Typically, you have 3 options. If you are low on budget and are still trying to get some extra storage available, you can try getting the Hard Disk Drives or HDD. Though it is considered as the slowest in the 3 options, this guarantees you to save more money while keeping the storage you need.


SSD or Solid State Drives are known for no moving parts as well as the usage of flash memory for storing data. These are the features that makes this option really fast. However, if you are not willing to break the bank, well, this is not the option for you. 1 TB SSD may already cost more than $400, which makes it impossible to fit into anyone’s limited budget.PS4 PRO hard driveAnother PS4 External hard drive option is a Solid State Hybrid Drives or SSHD in short. These options are the combined features of the two options. Getting this drive will give you the speed improvements that you want as well as the space that you want without ruining your budget. Typically, 1 TB would cost no more than $100, which makes it a great option for anyone.

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