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Golf Gps Buying Guide!

Are you a golf player waiting to step up your game? Apart from polishing one’s skills, one can opt to use a Golf GPS which elevates the playing experience and is perfect for those who want to heighten their skills. It is a global positioning device which helps in the navigation of the golf course, recording of scores, statistics as well as precise distance measurement between the player and the ball. This location tool is perfect for those are serious about the game, which is why we will delve into the best Golf GPS 2017 reviews.golf gps reviewsThe factors that go into consideration when purchasing a golf GPS are ease of use, accuracy, cost, course coverage, initial setup, etc. It is important to conduct thorough groundwork before making a purchase because each player typically has different needs. Here are the top Golf GPS units that one can consider:

  • Garmin Approach G8 Golf Course GPS: With a colorful screen and a 15 hour battery life, this offers a special feature of slope adjusted distance readings.
  • GolfBuddy Voice GPS: It can speak the values of calculated distances if the user presses the button, hence the name ‘Voice’. It also tracks shot distance and has automatic hole advance.
  • IZZO Swami 4000 Golf GPS: Encompassing over 30000 preloaded courses, it is a good buy for those who prefer simple devices. It has a backlight that allows easy vision even on a sunny day.
  • GolfBuddy Platinum GPS Rangefinder: With a staggering 18 hours battery life, this piece is water and shock resistant. Up to 3 players excluding the main player can keep their scores and there is inbuilt course recognition.golf gps reviewsAll these pieces can be reviewed and purchased on Amazon and the list isn’t exhaustive. Reviews on Amazon are detailed and give a comprehensive view on the quality of the product. So, have you decided which GPS you are going to buy?

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