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Why You Should Begin Using Snap Chat

Facebook, twitter, pinterest and linked  in have got a huge following. With this kind of following grew a perception that there is little space for introduction of new social media channels. Thankfully, Snapchat came and is sweeping all millenials with a usage of 60  percept among American people aged 18- 34 years. This is sure likely to spread to the world and provide more competition to other social channels.snap-hack

Reasons to use Snap chat

  1. More People on Snap Chat than Twitter :The impact of snap chat cannot be forecasted beyond the current statistic that puts daily snap chat users to be 10 million more than daily twitter users; currently snap chat  has over 150 million daily users, while twitter has over 140 million daily users. The latter  statistic is also a challenge to marketers who are known for  uphold twitter, facebook, pinterest and linked above  snap chart use. Secondly, as compared to Facebook’s 35percent uploads, snap chat tends to have more uploads as snap chat users score an impressive 65% in uploads.
  1. Better Advertising: Online Marketers always complains of not having a big platform to showcase their advertisement and products. This is the case especially in the android age. To solve this snap chat provides a full screen advert that is available to all smartphone users meaning more audience can see your ad. Snap chat  geofilters and lenses also make the creation of advertisements more interesting and intelligible. 
  1. Its competing with Facebook on Video views :When it comes to video watch, snap chart levels up with facebook with over 8billion video views. With snap chat videos limited to 10 seconds or less the future of snap chat looks bright; with this time limit you can now capture your audience in the least amount of time as your message is kept short and sweet. 
  1. Offline Picture Uploads: Unlike other platforms, snap chat doesn’t require you to be online to upload pictures. With the snap chat app, you can take pictures and simply upload them latter or  the next time you go online.snap-hack


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