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After we played Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, we had lot of expectations something a bit advanced towards the modern world. Perhaps even the full game would have set in the modern New York or something like that. However, whatever the reports are coming and if they are to be believed, Ubisoft has finalised exactly opposite of what we are expecting. Ubisoft has yet not given any confirmation but the Assassin’s Creed Empire but most probably it will be coming out by 2017. agenda_3

1. Dishonored 2 review: Smarter, Beautiful and just better

Like the new protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, Dishonored 2 will have a lot to live up to the expectations of the people. She is youthful Empress of Isles and also the daughter of  most notorious assassin – Corvo Attano. Dishonored 2 will thus be a sequel to a game which though many hold dearer as the classic ones in a stretching back to those glory days of  the Looking Glass Studios, when likes of the Thief  redefined what people had thoughts about first-person action games.helena-kristiansson-lol-all-star-paris-650

And we hope that Dishonored 2 will not disappoint. Emily will be as strong and talented as her illustrious father. Just you need to be aware that both in the game play totally like two opposite poles, and that those people looking for a very simple, illustrative action game need to be looking somewhere else for thrills.

  1. Reasons to go for Pokemon Sun and Moon

There are several reasons to go for newly release Pokemon version.

If you really loved Pokemon Go and were unable to catch them all, Go  for this version too. For more gaming news, follow us.

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