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Adjustable beds for sale

Health experts recommend an average of 8 hours of sleep for a healthy adult. However, what is even more important than this is sleeping in the right bed. Besides, if you have been sleeping on a poorly made bed or mattress, then your overall health is jeopardized, regardless of the number of hours you spend sleeping. Although a stiff bed may be other people’ preferred choice, it might be not ideal for you if you have other conditions like swollen legs, back pain and other sleep disorders such as apnea. These issues often leave your body drained from exhaustion and that is why you need the comfort and soothing experience offered by adjustable beds.  htb19iz2gfxxxxaaxvxxq6xxfxxxn

There are many retailers with adjustable beds for sale but you still have to be careful when selecting a bed suiting your needs. Factors to consider include;

  • Price
  • Size desired
  • Health benefits expected

Why size matters

Although all mattresses may fit into most of the adjustable beds for sale, the size of the bed which will appeal to you will often depend on where you are single or married. There are king size adjustable bed sizes which are split into two. This means each side can be adjusted independently from each other. Therefore, if you wish to elevate your legs or torso you can do so only from your side without disturbing your partner. Larger sizes will also be expensive.mantua-adjustable-bed


Most of the adjustable beds for sale have a very long shelf life and requires little or no maintenance. Limited assembly may be required. However, this may take no more than two hours. If you feel you need assistance, you may ask your retailer to offer a helping hand for an additional small fee. Warranty is offered to the beds of up to 20 years.

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