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Enjoy Playing The Second Version Of Happy Wheels Online

If you love to play action, challenging and violent video games, then you must give a try to Happy Wheels games online. It is the popular physics based vehicle game that is catching the attention of avid gamers across the world. It is the game where the players are required to choose the extravagant vehicles from wheelchair to bicycle and reach the finish line in the level without getting defeated. There are many obstacles that players need to overcome in the race course. The players need to ensure that the character is alive when they reach the finish line. After the successful response of the first version, the designer of has introduced its second version called Happy Wheels 2. The second version of the game comprises updated graphics and background score, but the characters and vehicle choice remain the same.happy-wheels

Instructions for Happy Wheels 2

The Happy Wheels 2 is fat beyond other online racing games. It is the advanced bloody physics based online vehicle game that allows the gamers to choose randomly their vehicle and character in the game. In the second version of the game, there are four characters in total which are very lavish compared to other racing games. The players are required to choose their characters and vehicles and lead it to the victory line by staying alive. You need to ensure that you surpass all the obstacles that come your way and keep the character alive when reaching the finish line. In the second version there is a provision of watching the replays to know what mistakes you have done in the level and how you can improve it to succeed.

Characters of Happy Wheels 2

There are four characters in the game of Happy Wheels 2 and they are:

  • Segway Guy
  • Wheelchair Guy
  • Effective Shopper
  • Irresponsible Dad


Tips for Happy Wheels 2

If you are intending to play the game of Happy Wheels 2, then there are certain tips you need to know prior to playing this game online. All the levels in the game comprise of certain obstacles that hinder your character from reaching the finish line. Some of these obstacles are really very difficult to tackle. But, if you are well aware about the techniques and know the tips on how to use the primary and secondary actions, then you can easily get over them and surpass the obstacles with ease.

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