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Different Types Of Locker Badges

As the saying goes, there are many roads leading to Rome, and this is usually the case when playing online Nba games. If you want to completely enjoy the fun in this addictive online game, you need to ensure you grab yourself most or all of the 55 badges available in the games so as to ensure complete victory.  There are various types of badges for different purposes. The personality badges will get you off the bench and earn you at least 7 points. The play making badges are best suitable for point guards. There are also badges for offense and defense too available in the game options. If you block 100 shots you earn yourself the much coveted Rim protector badge.

The updated version of the game so now updated on ps4 so you can enjoy all the new features and player options here. The nba 2k17 badges guide are available online to assist you on how to unlock some of the tough game options.

Different Types Of Locker Badges


  • Personality badges
  • Dimer
  • Championship DNA
  • Hustle rebounder

Online gaming is probably the most interesting and fun way of spending your time. This recreational activity is a good relaxation practice and regardless of your age, you will want to sample the reviews of some of the best games online to know good the experience can be. For Nba lovers, the acquisition of badges is probably your main aim when playing since this gives you more player options and earns you extra points.


You can also earn additional points by accomplishing various tasks available online. Actually, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with this interesting game. Just take a look at some of the tips offered on how to get the 2K 17 locker codes in order to enjoy the full game features.

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