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Vehicle Identification Number

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique number code that is provided as a serial number by the automotive industry. The VIN number is used to uniquely identify a car, motorcycle, scooter, mopeds and many more. The national traffic safety administration standardized the VIN format and made it an important necessity for every automobile to have. The VIN is a string of 17 numbers and a letter that reveals the airbag type, country of origin, size of the engine, the model year and its trim level.

The Vehicle identification number has different sections that explains in details its importance to the vehicle owner and the traffic administration;


  • Vehicle description; the vehicle description sector helps describe in detailing the type of vehicle and the information it has. Apart from this, it goes on to briefly describe the model type of the vehicle, body style and automotive platform. Since the early 90’s manufacturers have used the VDS to identify with the engine type of their vehicle when there is more than one choice of engine to deal with. Every manufacturer has a unique manufacturing system that identifies with their vehicle.
  • Vehicle identifier; the vehicle identification has a section in the serial number provided. It is used by the individual and manufacturer to quickly identify with their vehicle. It includes information on the installed engine, transmission choices and a sequential number. The serial number is different according to the country you are in and the manufacturer of the vehicle’s engine.



  • Encoding of the model year; the 10th digit of the serial number contains the model year of the vehicle. The year is encoded in by the manufacturers to tell when the vehicles engine body was modeled. The code provided subsequently goes together with the manufactured year.


VIN decoder is a unique serial number that every manufactured automobile should have so as to be identified by the traffic safety administration.

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