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Content Copyright Basics on Instagram

The casualness that accompanies the use of social media has limits though people rarely think about it. People who pirate Instagram use other people’s photo without permission.  It is difficult to curb cybercrime owing to the vastness and scope of the internet but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get caught and even find yourself in jail. These are the basic guidelines to keep you away from trouble on Instagram. images_qtbn_and9gcrjrkgjfwnh1jwunb9mkmqkpqukmb5ntl4_rbh0rslvzgpkmw_y

  • Refrain from sharing photographs you did not take on Instagram. It is a copyright infringement. Legally, photos belong to the person who took them.
  • If the photographer, professional or amateur, gives you the go ahead to use their photo, declare that they don’t belong to you. A simple tag to the owner will acknowledge this fact.
  • Don’t share a photograph on an application other than the original Instagram application. The applications are too flexible with rules thereby making it easy to break copyright rules.
  • Hiding somebody else’s watermark is tantamount to copyright infringement. Don’t do it. What it implies is that you stole the photo in order to use it as your own. If whoever you stole it from presses charges and can prove that you messed with their watermark, you’re liable for account deactivation or a hefty fine. Businesses and companies can sue you to oblivion for messing with their content.
  • Secure your Instagram account content to preempt an ownership row with fellow users. Put watermarks on photographs and be available to people who need your permission before using your content. Include an email contact address for this purpose.instagram-followers-hack


  • The basics about using other peoples content are permission and acknowledging owner of the content. You won’t have trouble if you keep this in mind. Make a habit of uploading your own photographs too.

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