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An Overview on Citra

Citra is the most advanced and the experimental open source Nintendo 3DS Emulator that has been written in C++ language. The Citra Emulator is designed by keeping in mind the unique demands and requirements of the online gamers. It has been designed to support a variety of games on different platforms including Linux, Windows and OS X. Recently, it is the experimental phase and hence it can only emulate a subset of 3DS hardware and software games. So, this emulator is effective only for debugging and running the homebrew applications and software programs. It can also be used to boost a variety of commercial games out there. Most of the games that can be emulated using Citra can run to a playable state and work is going to advance this emulator further for more advanced games. 3dsemulator-650x330

License of Citra Emulator

Citra Emulator is licensed recently under the GPLv2 or any other later version. You can refer to the license file of the emulator to know about this licensing. However, you can use it even though it is in experimental phase for emulating any commercial game. 85262712683021-5626b6c56c315

Advantages of Using Citra Emulator

  • Citra Emulator is the most advanced and best emulator available today
  • It can be downloaded easily over the internet
  • There is no requirement of any additional system requirements to download the emulator
  • You are not required to install any software to play the game
  • You can simply download and start playing the games
  • It support all the commercial games and other games
  • It allows you to enjoy playing the latest games on your PC without hassles
  • It support all the popular 3DS games like the region-free 3DS system

So, start your hunt today for the Citra Emulator to enjoy playing games on your PC.

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