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Waterproof Car Covers

Since you already bought a car, why not purchase something that can provide it with extra protection like car covers? Investing in a car is one thing, you also need to invest in all the other protection, insurance and accessories that it needs. Car covers can prevent a lot of unwanted events like dents, scratches and dings as wells as the accumulation of dirt or dust. Keep in mind though that car covers are not the best kind of car protection but it’s still a huge help. So no, it won’t protect your car from a falling building or anything even that severe.

Kapsco Moto’s True Superior Waterproof Car Covering


Car covers are a huge help for those of you that own cars but can’t always access facilities like covered, indoor and underground parking. Cars are prone to harmful UV radiations, weather elements, dust and other potentially harmful or damaging factors. The car cover that they offer is 100% water resistant and has proven time and time again that it is ideal. It’s typical dimension is 210” x 70” x 47”, it fits a sedan like a glove thanks to the large coverage. An additional feature that you’ll appreciate is the incredibly soft cotton inner layer which protects the car paint from scratches and abrasions. It’s available at Amazon for $44.99, it comes with a free storage bag for added convenience.

Waterproof Sedan Car Cover from Classic Accessories

Rather than leave your car at the mercy of the outside world, which will highly likely cause minor and unwanted damage to the car’s surface, purchase their sedan cover. The waterproof sedan car cover not only protects the surface from the element from potential damages that car covers may cause themselves. The inner fabric is made of soft materials which avoid and prevent scratches. Some of the features of this particular model are the antenna reinforcement patch, all weather resistance and elasticized bottom hem for that custom fit. In addition, it even comes with a storage bag for the customer’s convenience and a limited two year warranty. When you purchase it from Amazon, it will only cost you $28.11. Make sure it fits by providing the car specifications that they asked for like the year, make and model. Some of the sizes are:


  • Sedans up to 175” L
  • Sedans from 176” – 190” L
  • Sedans 191” – 210” L

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