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Unleash the unexplored side of the wonderful product of Carrageenan!!

Being a very common ingredient in different flavored milk, carrageenan is known to provide a unique texture to the dish, without which the food won’t taste the same. diet-nutrition_food-safety_is-carrageenan-safe_2199492

From where does it come from?

The product of carrageenan is basically a polysaccharide, which is obtained from red, edible seaweed. It is one of the widely used ingredients which are primarily used in a huge variety of food items. This ingredient is mostly used for thickening, gelling or stabilizing the food delicacy in which it is used. Dairy products are something in which the ingredient of carrageenan, is used at a very high rate, as it is known to bind very easily with the food proteins.


Talking of the different types of carrageenan:

There are basically three types of carrageenan, which are classifies on the basis of its sulphation degrees. Let us explore the three types as follows,

  • The first type is known as Kappa-carrageenan, which contains only one group of sulphate for every disaccharide.
  • The second type is the Iota-carrageenan which consists of two sulphate groups.
  • The third and the last type of carrageenan is the Lambda-carrageenan which contains three groups.

The best part about the unique ingredient of carrageenan is that, it can be used as a perfect replacement of gelatin, especially for vegetarians, as the product is completely natural and 100% vegetarian. Not only vegetarian, but as carrageenan of completely natural.

Why is carrageenan beneficial?

There are certain points which accounts for the benefits of carrageenan usage in the food items, let us explore some of the benefits, related to the same as follows,

  • There are so many countries in this worked are dealing with the problems of food insecurity. With the use of carrageenan, this problem can be easily solved, as it helps in keeping the food items edible for a longer span of time. The food doesn’t get spoiled quickly, if there carrageenan in it.
  • Not only it increases the life span of a food dish, but makes it tastier by adding a different texture to it.

Is carrageenan safe to use  

Though there are quite a few rumors about carrageenan, the product is extremely safe to use, and does not have prominent side effects, which can affects the health if an individual. The type of food grade carrageenan does not cause any harm, on an individual’s health.

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