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Opting For Cremation

Nowadays, more and more people chose cremations over burials for their loved ones who passed away or for themselves when the time came. Take note that it is not increasing in popularity because people prefer to follow a trend; there are actual and practical reasons as to why people choose cremations instead.


Cremation would typically save the family about 40-50% of costs when compared to traditional burials. In cremation, families don’t have to choose between expensive or fancy graves and headstones, most families would also skip the whole embalming process. The family would only need to pay for the main process and urns; obviously, urns cost less than caskets.

Simple and Easy


With cremation, the family is saved from all the fancy and pricey burial ceremonies that involve the casket, viewing and venue to conduct visits. It can also be tiring for a family that has just went through a loved one’s death, to have to entertain and take core of friends and relatives during a wake. Of course in wakes, families have to pay for the food, flowers, people who give service and even the venue.


As we mentioned, urns are obviously a lot smaller compared or casket, thus are easier to transport, handle and store at home or a t a crematorium. Not only that, but cremated remains provide the family with an indefinite time to decide what to do with it; either the scatter the remains or keep them in the house at an altar. Unlike in traditional burials where the family only have limited time to think of and make preparations for the final resting place of the loved one who passed away.


Environmental Factors

As you may have noticed, we have dedicated huge chunks of land for cemeteries; harmful chemicals also seep into the earth due to the heavy chemicals added in embalmed bodies. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that cremation is 100% friendly to the environment, it still has its negative impacts but the ever improving technology we have for cremation lessens the overall damage it causes.

Personal, not Traditional

Traditions and religion will always be important to any person, but more and more people would rather skip the traditions; it’s not all the genuine when you go through traditions ‘just because’ they’re the traditions of those before you. So now they opt celebrate a loved one’s life by designing ways to perform memorials through scattering of ashes at sea or on land; there are other ways to dispose of cremated remains.

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