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All You Need To Know About Marina One Residence

This is a residence which whose construction started in 2011 by the Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd. It is an integrated development which comprises of Grade A offices, residential and retail. It occupies approximately 282,400 square feet and it is on a 99-year lease counting since July 201. It is configured in 1,042 luxury Marina one residence units which comprise of two 34 story towers, 140,000 square feet of unique retail space at podium level and two 30 stories prime Grade An office tower.marina-one-the-heart1

The Type of Units at Marina One Residence

When you visit Marina One Residence¸it is important to be knowledgeable and ready to know what exactly you will expect to see. Here is a breakdown:

  • 4 Penthouses which measure between 6,491 – 8, 568 square feet
  • 144, two bedrooms which measure between 969 – 1,130 square feet
  • 29 four bedrooms which measure between 2,045 – 2,250 square feet
  • 29 two bedrooms with a study room which measure between 1,141 – 1,216 square feet
  • 86 three bedrooms which measure between 1,507 – 1, 539 square feet

The Surroundings of the Marina One Residence

It is located in the central business district and when you stand at the Marina Financial center and overlook the Marina one residence which is at 282,400 square feet, you will have that feeling of smallness. Though it is not yet finished, the project looks like it will be a firm, definite feature in Marina South which will overshadow the nearby Marina Bay sands due to its magnitude. Bordering this great residential area is the Marina Bay MRT and Downtown stations.  It will have underground pedestrian networks, which will connect the development with MRT stations, and also connect the residence with the Marina Bay Sand and older CBD. If you pass via Bayfront Avenue,the Marina Central Expressway or Benjamin Shears Flyover are a stone throw and you can easily access them from Marina One Residence, a building which will stand out as a skyline of beauty, form, and function.

How to Getting To Marina one Residence

It is very easy to get to Marina One Residence because you have two options to get there; you can use Downtown MRT or Marina Bay stations using exit C or exit E. Exit E is far much closer as compared to exit C. If you decide to use exit C, it will put you closer to the Financial  Center. The pedestrian underground walkways will eventually extend and take you up to Marina One Residence.  The Marina Bay MRT will serve as an alternative station to accommodate stacks. But currently, the closest to the bus and show flat are accommodated at MRT exit E. In order to reach the flat, you don’t have to cross the short road, you only need to make a right turn at where traffic stops and then walk straight past the development.


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