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The Most Popular Unblocked Games

Unblocked games are games that can be accessed through the filtered server of schools and other like institutions. They have become quite popular with children at school that is why they are being played at every possible opportunity. The demand for unblocked games has doubled in number so naturally developers of unblocked games have also doubled their effort in making new and more exciting games. Because of this, there are a sheer number of unblocked games that are available online that a child may have a hard time choosing which one her or she should play. But among the many numbers of unblocked games, there are games that stood out the most.

Pikachu Pokemon Rescue


Pikachu is a character that no longer needs any introduction since he is popular to kids. In this game will need to guide Pikachu throughout all twenty-five levels. This involves going through different and complicated levels wherein you have to collect ledges, open doors, and guide Pikachu away from the bad guys.

Potty Racers

In this game, you have to earn coins by traveling to various locations. You can then use your coins to buy parts and build your very own aircraft. This might be very simple but it is truly engaging and addictive.


Jailbreak Rush

In Jailbreak Rush you will assume the character of a person who was wrongly accused of a crime and sent to prison. In order to escape from prison, you must carry out certain tasks without being seen by the policemen. You just have to click and hold your left mouse and release it if a policeman is approaching. If you will not be caught doing your tasks then after making a map, getting the hammer and the drill, and drilling you can finally escape.

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