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Is Christie Brinkley’s Skincare Worth It?

Ageing is one of the toughest things that we go through in life. The fact that we are getting old and will show in everything about us comes to us as a hard hitting reality. So what do we do? We can try changing our diet and also use some anti-ageing creams. The question is that do anti-ageing creams really work? Well many swear by the fact that anti-ageing creams work for them and that is all that we need to buy one. So we have come across an anti-ageing cream which has been created and advertised by someone who has been on 500 magazine covers, Christie Brinkley. She is a vegan and that’s why we decided to review her product. We are going to mention the recapture 360 cost and price and also its ingredients. christie-brinkley-250x263


Well we have read a lot of reviews on the internet and most of the reviews rate the product as average which works but isn’t anything special. People are not even really happy with the price that they are getting the skincare recapture 360 at and are saying that they expected more from it. It is going to cost you $69.95.

The product has normal synthetic ingredients in it so you don’t really know what to say because chemicals for a skin purist are like non-veg to a vegan. That is unacceptable and directly reeks of fraud.  Though there are chemicals the chemicals work like the way they are supposed but you should still look them up once to see if they don’t react badly with your skin.c02693fb86657dff90b131ced5a11c2e

There are some organic botanical ingredients too like horse chestnut seed extract, aloe extract, glycerin, forskolin and magnolia to name a few. These are very good ingredients but you should definitely look them up to as they might cause allergies though no allergies have been reported till now. Her website does say that she has developed the entire formula with the help of clinical trials and she did take help from Dr. Doris Day who is a medical journalist. She also claims to be involved in every step of the production of this cream.

You can sign up for their trial period where you can pay just $3.95 for a month, after which you will be included in the autoship program and you will get a pack of the product every month with $69.95 being cut.

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