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Liposuction Surgery!

What is liposuction?

Weight loss is a much awaited end product in our world which is obsessed with perfect shapes, sizes and proportions. While some choose the healthy route of exercise, some others go the cosmetic way. And one of the most common procedures performed is liposuction, which basically removes fat from the body in an attempt to modify the shape of the body. In Australia, Liposuction Sydney is a popular choice among those who wish to revamp their bodies, simply due to the astounding professionalism showcased by the doctors handling the procedures.liposuctionabs

Liposuction is usually a personal choice made by the person and it can involve areas like thighs, abdomen, arms, buttocks, etc. General or local anesthesia is administered during such procedures and the prerequisites for liposuction are that the patient should have a normal weight and reasonably good elasticity of skin. The principle involved uses a cannulae with which one develops negative pressure and this helps suck out the fat. Of course, this procedure is a short term solution to obesity and typically lasts for a few months.w2112-liposuction-areas

Side effects involve bruising, swelling, scars, pain and numbness among others, but all of these gradually subside. Complications are present, as with any surgery and this mainly depends upon the area operated on. Today, we have various types to the same surgery, namely suction assisted, power assisted, ultrasound assisted, twin-cannula assisted, water assisted and laser assisted liposuction. The recovery time is known to lie between 2 days to 2 weeks and the patient is generally advised to maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen in order to maintain the shape.


While liposuction is a relatively common procedure these days, it can transform into a potentially life threatening surgery if it involves removal of large volumes of fat. This is why one must take ample precaution before signing up for this and consult with one’s doctor about the best suited method of action for weight loss.

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