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Sniper 3d Assassin: Android Game For Free

In an Android platform, there are many games that can be installed for free. These games that are available online cater to the different needs and wants of the consumers. There are farming, sport, and cooking games. But one of the most popular types of game that are constantly being downloaded is the shooting type of game. This is true especially in the case of Sniper 3D Assassin.

Sniper 3D Assassin


This game has a very simple goal: shoot the assigned target. The gameplay is very simple, a player will be assigned as the assassin who is given a mission which is to identify, locate and kill a particular individual. However locating the target is a very hard task. The player is given a time frame in which he must kill the target. There is only very minimal clue that a player can know in order to identify the target, such as the target’s seating position or his occupation. Then with this clue the player must observe a public place where his target will appear. If the player shoots an individual who is not an assigned target then he could fail the mission or get chased.



Sniper 3D Assassin has a great graphics and control. The shooting controls are very easy to use; the player can even perfectly shoot a target perfectly between the eyes. Zooming is also a big aspect that needs to be considered since this is a sniping game. When the player zooms, the graphics do not get distorted.


Even though the graphics and controls are great, there is a small problem with the content of the game. There are instances that the targets are not bad individuals, so killing them leaves a bad note to the players.

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