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Addiction and Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

Cannabis, formally referred as Marijuana has been long debated for its usage for medical and recreational purposes. While each state has its own policies to allow or restrict the usage of Marijuana in their territory, the federal law regards passion or sale of marijuana as illegal. If you are interested in knowing that what states have legalized marijuana, there are four states that have legalized usage of marijuana in their territory. Oregon, Colorado, Alaska and Washington offer complete freedom in terms of usage of marijuana for recreation, medical or industrial purposes.  Among these four states, Washington does not allow commercial sale or distribution of marijuana.

Medical marijuana. Therapeutic and medicinal cannabis.
Medical marijuana. Therapeutic and medicinal cannabis.

Apart from these four states, there are 20 other states including that have legalized the usage of marijuana for medical purposes restricting it to be used for recreational purposes. Federal laws do not regard any type of distribution or usage of marijuana as legal which is the reasons why the licenses of all cannabis dispensaries are governed by states and not centrally. None of the products related to marijuana is approved by FDA as it has does not allow its distribution in any form. The federal government does not offer any type of legal registration to any marijuana distributors or dispensaries.marijuana plant

In midst of all the conflicts between the central government and states, marijuana continues to be used widely in various states of America, legally or illegally. Reports suggest that there were more than 3.6 million Americans using marijuana on the daily basis in some or the other form in 2013. The World Health Organization also revealed the alarming fact that United State is on top of the list of nations with high per capita marijuana consumers. According to a survey conducted by U.S. Department of Human Health and Services in 2007 found that there were more than 14.4 million individuals in America older than 12 years who have consumed marijuana in the last 30 days which itself reveals the complete story.

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