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Download The Best Android Based Running Application For Enhanced Performance

Whether you are a marathoner or more of a sprinter, the idea of running is undeniably the good workout for your body and health and also for good mental state. Benefits to your lungs and heart are apparent when you run daily and according to surveys daily running habit can extend the lifespan of a person and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Regardless of the purpose of your running, it can be beneficial for you in different ways. Owing to its popularity, several running applications have been designed for Android users which you can see and download from the website of RunningLikeAPro. Below is the list of best running applications for Android users.


Map my Run

Tracking your speed, elevation, distance and other statistics have become easier now with Map My Run application. It is specifically designed for Android users, but iOS users can also use it to track down their running. It comes with GPS functionality that enables the runners to save their routes and access the routes of other runners in their community. If you are not aware with the routes of the city, then this running application can do wonders for you apart from tracking your running and stats.

Nike+ Running


Nike+ Running Application is the widely downloaded and installed running app amongst the runners of all levels. This application can be used to train for a specific fitness goal and also to track the routes. It also comes with social feature that allows the runners to share their runs and records over social networks and get cheers and challenges from other members of their social media profile. You can track elevation throughout the workout with this app and the GPS interface is amazing.

Rock My Run

If you love listening to music while running, then this application can help you to achieve new PRs and distances while listening to your favorite tracks. This application makes use of professional DJ mixes which are perfectly aligned to the heart rates and also suggest you music based on your genre and tempo. There are much more in this application that you can explore after installing it for running.


Strava Running & Cycling

If your workout session is fueled with lots of competitions, then this application is perfect for you. This application allows you to track your performance stacks and allow you to compare it with other runners of same gender and age. It also allows you to track the progress of your friends.

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