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Qualities Of A Good Record Player

If you are yearning to have the quality record player due to your love for music, then we have a list of the best record players in the market for you. There are those which will attract you due to the phonograph-like thing which the older players had.

When talking about a record player, it is a device which comprises an amplifier, turntable, and a stylus. The performance and the quality of the device are dependants on the quality of the aforementioned components. The best record player should be capable of being able to play all types of music files, whether old or modern, consistently or smoothly.

It is important that, before you decide to go out to shop for the best record player, you have some insight about the qualities which are available and why you should buy them. Buying a record player means you are a music lover, and as a music lover you need the best. Here are some of the best record players in the market alongside their prices.


AT-LP 120 Audio Technical Turntable in Silver

This is one of the best record players which has a five-star rating on the Amazon. It is one which can play all types of vinyl records. It also has the capacity to convert mp3 and FLAC files. It is loved by music lovers due to its features. It comes with a vicious tracking force, a powerful DC servo motor, a Preamp, and USB connectivity. It is considered as the pathway to modern music. It costs $299 on Amazon.

Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB  USB& Analog


It is a high-quality record player which is the best pick for any music lover. When you buy it, you don’t need to have any special drivers in order to connect it to the computer as it is compatible with Mac and Windows Operating system. It has a built-in pre-amplifier which is Phono/stereo switch. This means that it can be connected to the stereo, but the stereo has to be Phono level input or magnetic line level for it to work. It goes for a price of $127.99 on Amazon.

Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable Turntable (Turquoise)

Get this record player and you will have gotten the best Crosley turntable in the market. It offers the best value for money at only $79.04 yet it is loaded with a lot of features.

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