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How To Find Wi-Fi Password

Do you know what Wi-Fi stands for? Well most people don’t know Wi-Fi is the short form for Wireless Fidelity. Whatever the abbreviation case may be, it’s very widely used these days. To many people, Wi-Fi is the most necessary thing to live right after oxygen in the air. Most of the Wi-Fi networks aren’t open, a password is required to access the network and use internet. People who have their own Wi-Fi don’t really have to struggle to find the password out, because apparently they have set the password on their own and they actually remember it. Another note, Wi-Fi password hack isn’t as easy as some pretenders preach.

However, that could not be the case with everyone. A lot of people never go through the Admin panel after the first time and don’t even remember what their password was. A lot of people want to hack into other people’s Wi-Fi by knowing their passwords. This article is going to shed some light on all these inquiries.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password

If you want to find the Wi-Fi password for a specific connection, then the job is pretty easy. If you have Windows OS in your computer, then follow the procedures below.


  • Windows 10:

Windows 10 has changed the approach towards operating system on a computer. Those who have been long time users of Microsoft Windows platform would notice how the settings like Networking and Sharing Center has moved under different listings, thus it’s difficult to rebuild a new mindset about where the options are arranged. To see Wi-Fi password on a Windows 10 machine, go to Start and then Settings> Network & Internet. Click on the Network you need to know the password for, click Connect underneath and search for ‘View network connections’. When you find the Wi-Fi network you had been looking for, right-click it and click Properties, then navigate to Security tab and check the box ‘Show Characters’. The password will be shown under Network Security Key Field.

  • Windows 8/8.1:

Although Windows 8 and 8.1 are almost similar to Windows 10, yet there’s some difference in finding the Wi-Fi Password. First connect to your Wi-Fi network and then search for View Network Connections using the search bar by dragging it from the right of the screen. Right-click on the network connection name and click on Properties, then under the Security tab click on ‘Show Characters’ box. The password will be shown.

  • Windows 7:

Apparently, finding the Wi-Fi password is the easiest on a Windows 7 computer. Just right-click on the network’s name from the Wi-Fi icon in your taskbar, click on properties, open Security tab and click on Show Characters box. Done!


Router Configuration Page

If you have access to the router’s admin panel, then look for something like ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wi-Fi’ and locate the password under that option. Use ‘ipconfig /all’ command in control panel to get the IP address to access your router’s admin panel.


The above mentioned website can find a Wi-Fi router’s password using its in-built scripts. However, the user needs to have physical access to the router, it’s not an over-the-air hack like cool sci-fi movies.


If you want a Wi-Fi password hack, then there’s a whole lot to study. Otherwise for general purpose, this article would serve just fine.

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