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How To Hunt Snow Goose Successfully

If it is in you that you should start on spring snow goose hunts,  then here is where you will get all the tips to make your hunting success. But to begin, it is important to note that, there is no sure thing when it comes to goose hunting.

With spring snow goose hunts, it is important that you find a friend to accompany you. The friend should be one who has an experience in hunting in the area you want to practice your new found fun.


It is important that you try to locate the area where the goose feed and roost. From there, you are 90 percent successful in catching geese. It is a known fact that goose roost overnight and do feed two times in a day. In most cases, they leave their roost in the mid morning for the field to feed and then return to the roost place in the midday and then return for feeding before dusk during cold season, they wait till mid day before they go to feed.

If where you intend to hunt is private, seek permission before you embark on your mission. And if it is in water, make sure you get to the closest public access point.


Make sure you buy a goose call and learn to use it before going out on a spring snow goose hunts. In most cases, they come with an instructional tape where you can watch and practice. Get it right before going out in the field to use it.

It is important to find out the direction of the wind as the geese normally approach the spread into the wind. Set your decoy at the front of the spread where they will approach from and narrow it behind, at the landing point.

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