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Five Windows 7 Features and How to use Windows 7 Loader

Six years have passed since the Windows 7 was initially released and people still use the Windows 7 operating system in very large number. We have taken a look back on this six years old operating system to review 5 of its great features, as well as to discuss how to activate a copy of Windows 7 using win 7 loader sort of programs.download-windows-7-8-permanent-activator-full-version-uatpalace

Five Features of the Windows 7 OS

Here are the five features of Windows 7. Out of these, some features were in fact introduced to the Windows line through Windows 7.

  1. Network Sharing: Windows 7 had introduced Home Groups which is an easier way to share files and devices between computers running Windows 7 and above through a common network. Of course the earlier versions had such networking capability too, but not in such easy manner.
  2. Device Notification: Most of the earlier versions of Windows operating system used not to provide notifications about a device; or provided some vague information on a connected device like scanner or printer. However, in Windows 7 more specific device notification is provided like what’s the actual status of the device or a possible cause of a device not responding.
  3. Jump between programs: To jump between different programs running in the background on a Windows 7 computer, all the user needs to do is press and hold the Windows key + Tab buttons together. This is known as Windows Aero.
  4. Better Storage: Windows 7 arranges the files in a more systematic manner. Different types of files like photos, videos, music etc. are located and identified with specific folder icon s well. It is eye pleasing.
  5. Backward Compatibility: Windows 7 retains a lot of features from its ancestors while the latter versions like Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 actually gets rid of many old-school yet useful features. In that regard, Windows 7 is still very useful to a lot of people.

Activate Windows 7

It is difficult to get a new Windows 7 license these days so many people resort to cracking the Windows using win 7 loaders; which isn’t legal of course but gets the job done for a while. There are a lot of cracks by generic names like Windows 7 Loader, Windows 7 Activator etc. Microsoft Toolkit is one of the most popular cracks out there.


We would recommend buying an authorized version of Windows 7 license to enjoy the 5 features we mentioned but if it’s absolutely not possible, then the cracks are saviors.

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