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How To Counter Your Infertility And Get Pregnant

Infertility can appear when you expect it the least. While you may not have noticed any apparent reasons that could have induced the infertility, there can be some really unsusceptible and really common issues or conditions which may turn out to cause a temporary infertility.

Though you might be expecting any form of treatment for infertility to involve invasive of lengthy medical procedures; most of the time, this issue can be countered pretty easily. Due to the fact that some really simple and common issues like excessive stress or ageing can induce temporary infertility, focusing on countering those issues can easily help you out.

We’ve put together a small list of some effective and really useful methods that can allow you to fix this issue and non riesco a rimanere incinta.


Control Your Weight

Infertility in females can often come up as a result of a significant deviation of the individual’s weight from the range that it should be in. Being overweight or underweight beyond a limit can reduce your fertility and prevent you from achieving pregnancy. Keeping your weight under control can help you easily fix this issue.

Don’t Lube It

If you’ve been frequently using lubricants while trying for a baby, taking it a little rough may work for you. Lubricants can often be toxic to sperm and significantly reduce their motility, which can make it hard for you to become pregnant.


Do It As Much As You Can

Having frequent sex can do a lot of good when you’re trying for a baby. Not only will it retain the health of the sperm, but will also make it likelier for you to drop your hard work at the right time of your cycle.

Have Fun

If there’s no apparent reason and you’re still trying to figure out how to get pregnant, try not being hard on yourself. Chronic stress can often stop ovulation, causing a temporary infertility.

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