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Westpointe Dehumidifier Review

Cleaning up sewers and basement floors is a very tough and dirty task. Fortunately, there are tools available out there that can make the task much easier such dehumidifiers. In this article, let us give a brief overview on one of the popular dehumidifiers out there which is the Westepointe Dehumidifier. Is it worth a buy or not? Let us find out.

The Westpointe Dehumidifier comes with a water pump and an approximate coverage of 4,500 square ft. It has an electronic control panel to control the water pump function, timer, thermostat and alter its other settings. The product also takes advantage of an eco friendly refrigerant and has the auto shutoff feature to allow you to save electrical power.155971

This model is as good as a dehumidifier could get as the continuous drain hose attachment to it works to perfection. The entire apparatus is so easy to setup which makes it very user-friendly and the filter is easy to remove and put back into place which gives you no reason to regularly clean the filter. On the other hand, this dehumidifier is very noisy whenever turned on and it emits a foul odor out of some chemical of some sort.dlLTcGYMrxcEXkvk.large

Hose Installation Issues

A lot of people are also having problems when it comes to attaching the hose when in fact it is very simple only if you carefully follow what the manual says which are as follows:

– on the rear of unit, remove the (round/circular) plastic cover carefully.

– push the water drain tube onto the connector located inside of the hole.

– attach standard garden hose to the exposed end of the water drain tube.

– place the end of the hose in a suitable drainage facililty.

– the hose should go down smoothly without bends or kinks.

I did not meet any problem when it comes to the hose installation and what I did was simply followed those directions in a step by step manner. This should not be an issue against the product going forward.

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