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How To Lie In A Lie Detector Test Using Science?

The art of deception, ever heard of it? Yes, it exists. A lie can also be defined as the response which is responsible for withholding the truth. It isn’t as easy as you may think, fooling someone with your words is very hard. Lying is an art, there are those who know their way around lies and deception while there are some who can’t even think of lying. If you feel you’re good at lying, are you confident enough to go through a polygraph test? There may be a few who can eagerly take up the challenge of polygraph test while there are some who know they can’t. For those who want to know how to deceive the polygraph, here are a few pointers that can help you pass a lie detector test london with the aid of Science.

  • Origin of a Lie:

Lying is far more complicated than we can imagine, a neurological process is initiated in the brain with the formation of the lie. The prefrontal cortex which is above the eye sockets, associated with the planning thought processes and decision making depending entirely on the new information among other things. This part of the brain is responsible for figuring out the good and the bad along with the advantages and disadvantages for the host. At this point, the lie is born.


  • Unmasking Deception:

The biological responses triggered when lying are involuntary. The traditional “fight or flight” situation can be seen at the time of lying; the person has a substantial increase in the heart rate and breathing rate. Sometimes, we can see that rapid and quick responses associated with lying. Due to the increase in the overall blood flow, there is a rise in temperature followed by a cooling mechanism in the form of sweating.

  • Disastrous Defect:

As the person interrogated is under constant coercion many traditional polygraphs are considered flawed. Polygraph Tests aren’t necessarily detecting deception but rather the anxiety in the individual that is being accused of fraud. Psychopaths tend to mask their anxiety under pressure making it easier for them to deceive a polygraph. The fault is also found within the examiner who tends to be biased because of his obsession to overselling the accuracy of a polygraph

  • Cartography of a Lie:

A FMRI which can observe the blood flow to some areas of the brain. At the time of lying, there is an increase blood flow in different parts of the brain including the prefrontal cortex. Many studies were conducted by psychologists University of Pennsylvania and found that many other regions become active besides the prefrontal cortex. In those studies, when the participants told a lie, the fMRI noticed the parts of brain showing the involuntary activities regulated by them.


  • Hidden Markers:

A separate study of FMRI machine revealed that other couple of regions that are also active during lying. Collectively, the inferior parietal lobe and the inferior frontal gyrus and make up the prefrontal parietal network, the brain part that is responsible for dealing with consciousness.


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