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The Best Companion

Yes! Horses are the best companions to the human race and I would suggest they are even better than dogs. I am not against dogs even I have a pet dog, but there are facts which have proven this.You may have heard the famous story of maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak. So there are some stories which have proven this point beforehand. Now just give it a taught, an animal which is so friendly and caring in nature. It would be so fun to play with them and it as an added advantage that you can ride on them. One of teachers said me that there are three things which a person should know which includes horse riding, swimming and riding a bike.

Horse riding is for those who are adventure sports freak, it gives an adrenaline rush in our body. It offers us thrills, challenges and many more adventures in life. It is potentially a dangerous sport if you are not prepared for it.To remain near by animals and nature, it is very soothing and relaxing that is why many people choose horse riding. It helps you in developing your relationship with that animal. That is why they say horse riding is not an easy task you need much practice for it and have a lot of patience for it.


There are many things which you need to take care of while riding a horse. Some of the important tips are discussed in the article later. Firstly the most important thing in horse riding is to know your horse properly. You both should share a bond between each other like a father and a daughter’s relation. You should know what your horse likes and what things he does not like. What is the proper food and nutrients intake your companion should have? So there are many such small things you should know before riding them. You can gain knowledge about horse riding from the internet, you-tube, and some famous DVD’s can ease your work.

There is a DVD series called 7 clinics with BUCK BRANNAMAN. This is a famous horse riding DVD series which you can go through. Riders are the leaders, they should take their horse with them, and they are not the dictators to just give orders to your horses. Keep your horse with you don’t ever let him down or leave him behind.


While fixing your legs in the space provided in the saddle, always keep your heels down, it not only gives you stability but gives you firmer grip. Balance over the horse is the foremost thing. If you and your horse don’t understand each other you will not have a proper balance and you will fall down for sure. Lastly the most important thing is you should always keep your head high. If you are keen in knowing more about horse riding tips you can visit the site www.horse-show-schedules.com/. You should have a proper focus in controlling your horse and the ability to flow with the horse are much important things to be kept in mind while riding them.

Get your back on fire and Start riding a horse.

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