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On-Page Seo Recipe For Beginners By Seo Company Toronto

Everyone wants to make money online, but it is fact that making money is not an easier task. 95% bloggers fails and they don’t make money online through their blogs. Only 5% bloggers are generating revenue from their blogs because they know the key factor that works behind internet to make money online.

The main mistake that almost all the new bloggers is creating articles without making a good keyword research. Most of them try to write whatever comes to their mind, but this won’t help you to make a good blog. You should make a good research about the keyword before writing anything about it.

Website without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like, Body without Soul. If you want to keep alive your website then you must be friendly with most intoxicating word that is SEO. These SEO Tips are more general and you don’t need to become expert of SEO, It is quite easier- You have to bring it in your habit while writing and publishing content to your blog (or website).


I used these SEO Tips and got my position in first page of Google search results for particular keyword. SEO mainly deals on creating search engine friendly content and getting high quality inbound links to your website that leads you to get top of the search results. You must say- no to illegal SEO, adopt legal SEO practices and make Google’s Penguin as your Domestic animal. If you follow these SEO Tips then you’ll attract lots of traffic from Search Engine, which leads to grow your website like inverse of logarithm.

  1. Produce SEO Based Content

Do Keyword research and make your keyword visible everywhere in your content. Use your Keyword in URL, Title, First paragraph of your content, Middle of the content and last paragraph of your content; also don’t forget to put your keyword in Meta Tag.

Use Bold, Underline and Italic for your Keyword in content. Search Engine assumes it is your main keyword, you’ll notice the benefits of using Bold, Underline and Italic.

H1 title tag stands for heading# 1 of your content; it is one of the secret to become familiar of search engine. Use your keyword in h1 title tag and always remember the keyword used in h1 title tag must appear in content.

  1. Interlinking of Your Pages

Seo company Toronto describes that you should interlink your other pages with relevant keyword. This will confirm that Google page rank will be shared to your interlinked pages.


  1. Link Your New Page to Homepage

If you’ve created new page then link your new page to homepage to get good quality link from homepage to new page; also this new page will be indexed by Google as soon as possible because Google spiders always visits your homepage.

  1. Your IP address must be UNIQUE

Use Unique IP address for your website to get extra advantage from Google. Your website can get penalty from Google, if another website is also using same IP address. You will be charged extra money to get unique IP address.

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