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What You Need To Know About Carrageenan

When it comes to fitness and health, then you must be aware of the different kinds of food that you are consuming. With the many chemicals and artificial food items you find in new meals today, it’s best to know the certain ingredients that come into what you are usually eating. Carrageenan is one of the ingredients you should be aware of, as they come in your favorite food, may they be ice cream or healthier options like yogurt!

What Is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is found everywhere, actually It is an additive that is extracted by seaweed, making it considered as a natural food ingredient. It has inflammatory properties that will help in certain diseases. Though it may seem like a long and complicated word to pronounce, it’s something with health benefits and disadvantages you should be aware of in order to either avoid or allow yourself to have this.


Where You Can Find Carrageenan

Like mentioned, you can find the ingredient in many of your favorite food! Here are some food that you’ll find carrageenan in:

  • Dairy such as ice cream and coconut milk
  • Natural or organic products from health stores such as yogurt and tofu.
  • Baby formula
  • Turkey cold cuts
  • Though not a food, it is found in toothpaste and other medicine.

Benefits of Carrageenan

There are not many benefits found in carrageenan, but here are some of them:

  • This is found in medicine to help heal a few common digestion problems, as well as coughs and intestinal problems.
  • It is found in health foods that will benefit your body.

Disadvantages of Carrageenan

  • While this has inflammatory properties, it does seem like an eye raiser as there is a disease producing version of the additive. The difference between the two is just by a few pH acidity points.
  • Based on studies, it may actually cause a few serious illnesses such as digestion problems and other sicknesses found in the stomach. But this is only when taking in the bad form of the additive and in high dosages.


But that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid the stuff. It may be impossible to do so anyway, since it’s found in many food.


While this additive has a few health issues, it also holds a few benefits that you may be able to reap as well. It isn’t the ultimate healthy super food you should be eyeing in grocery stores, but while it has a bad reputation in some online articles, there’s no need to worry unless you are consuming stuff that is already soiled or expired. Or, it’s best to not take it in high dosages! But of course, it will always be best to eat whole and natural food that do not contain any additives. If you cannot avoid it, then you may be able to find a few products that do not have any additives. Live the healthy life and be aware of the certain ingredients you are consuming!

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