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Soccer – A Popular Game Among People Today

Soccer is the common name for Association football. It is a sport which is played between two different teams with eleven number of players in each team. It is played in over 200 countries and this makes it a popular sport. The game is played in a rectangular field with a goal on each team’s side. The teams score by kicking the ball inside the goal of the opposite team.

Only the goalkeepers are allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms in their penalty area. The other players have to use their head or feet to pass the ball. The team with higher number of goals at the last wins the match.


The laws for this game were formed by The Football Association in England in 1863. Internationally, the association football is governed by FIFA who organises world cups after every 4 years. The football should be a spherical ball of circumference between 68.5 to 69.5 cm. each of the participating team is headed by a captain who has full responsibility of guiding the team members such that no rules are violated.

There are a total of 17 number of laws defined by the Football Association. These laws are maintained by the International Football Association Board. Each of the game has a referee to take decisions. A referee is a person who has full authority to look after that the rules are correctly followed by the players or not. His decisions are considered as final decisions. In case of any foul, the referee punishes the player by issuing him with yellow card for warning and red card for dismissal.


There are various international governing bodies for football today. The list includes AFC, CAF, UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL and OFC. These bodies are responsible for organizing various football events.

There are a lot of online sites and news channels that provides us with berita bola every day. Right now, the UEFA Euro news are found to be in the headlines. The soccer news can also be found from the various sports streaming channels. The people are also eager to know about the games and their winners. Soccer is not only a game to enjoy for the people today, it also teaches the kids about how to practice brotherhood among each other irrespective of our nationality or caste.

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