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The Best Way To Share Videos And Emotions

Pictures are considered equivalent to a thousand words. And videos are even better than that. Videos are the best way to capture a perfect moment and keep certain emotions and memories alive forever. Technology has given us the chance to capture these moments and store them as videos. The same technology has also given us a chance to share these memories as we please.

One of the ideal platforms for sharing videos has turned out to be YouTube. The channel was started in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chan and Jawed Karim. It was then taken over by Google in 2006. YouTube channel accounts for millions of videos. The whole point of the organization was to create a single platform where people can share their memories and let other people enjoy certain moments.

The channel planned to provide viewers with all the happenings in the world by the medium of videos. Currently, YouTube is one of the most famous and incomparable platforms to upload and share videos. YouTube has even given the viewers a chance to watch their favorite movies, TV shows and music videos. All these videos are generally uploaded by individuals, however, some organizations have their own profile and upload videos in sync with their organization.


Digital marketing is a very effective method of marketing and many organizations have resorted to digital marketing. YouTube is used as a platform for digital marketing by many organizations. These organizations are from various sectors including Entertainment, Media and News and even Education.

YouTube with its great fan base and optimal features has become a very easy method to promote an organization and even for creating awareness. Many organizations, as well as individuals, have taken YouTube as a platform to raise different matters. Viewers from all over the world get the liberty to comment and present their opinion on a particular topic.

YouTube has become so famous in such a little time only due to its prime features. These features include easy searching methods, a simple user interface and the quality of the videos. YouTube give its viewers a chance to view videos in the best possible quality. Viewing videos in HD quality is also possible. YouTube even allow its viewers to download certain videos and view them offline. YouTube is very strict when it comes to its content. The content on YouTube is verified and any content which is found inappropriate for a younger audience is either removed or can only be viewed after verifying the age of the viewer. This verification can be done only by a registered user.

YouTube videos are a hit not only because they present great emotions and are a complete entertainment but also because many of them are very informative. YouTube has many how-to’s videos also. Many startups have taken YouTube to be a serious way of promoting and publicizing their content.

Although with its great features and unbeatable videos, YouTube has become a topic of controversy many times. Copyright violation and censor issues being one of the primary reason behind these controversies. YouTube has hence, become more strict with its rules of uploading videos and viewing videos that are considered inappropriate for younger audiences.


YouTube has surprised its audiences with excellent features almost every year. YouTube also believes in keeping its viewers entertained. Hence, came the yearly April fool’s trolls. YouTube, every year comes up with some extraordinary way of trolling its viewers.

Apart from the entertainment and awareness factor, YouTube has been used as a platform to compete. Many organizations have competed with each other, many times unknowingly. Debates, accusations, the race for likes, comments and views is very normal for YouTube. Though, with time, this has turned more and more ugly. People have started buying views and likes, just so to increase their organization’s visibility. One such online portal where people can buy views, likes and comments is ‘socialviralworld.com‘. Despite all this, YouTube continues to excel and entertain people in the best way possible.

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